Enviro-Septic System

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Enviro Septic System

The Enviro-Septic system is a passive technology that facilitates the growth of bacteria responsible for wastewater treatment. It is composed primarily of two inseparable components: the rows of Advanced Enviro-Septic pipe and a layer of system sand.

The Enviro-Septic system must be preceded by a septic tank and a wastewater distribution device. The treated water is drained directly into the soil beneath the treatment system through a soil absorption system. They can also be discharged directly to a river if this type of discharge is allowed.


Benefits include:

  • Due to the multiple configurations possible, it offers a large design flexibility
  • The installation is quick, easy, and does not require any special tools or filtering media that require periodic replacement
  • It can be installed in sloped areas without the need of supplementary embankments
  • Excellent quality/durability/price ratio
  • No mantle required




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